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Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash Extensions Phoenix

Elevate Your Look with Luxurious Eyelash Extensions - Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Sets

Step into the realm of effortless beauty with Moon Valley Med Spa’s premier Eyelash Extensions services. Tailored to your unique style, our Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Eyelash Extensions offer a stunning transformation from subtle elegance to full-on glamour. Opt for a Classic Fill to enhance your natural allure, a Hybrid Fill for that perfect blend of fullness and texture, or a Volume Fill for a dramatic, eye-catching statement. Each set is meticulously applied by our skilled estheticians to ensure durability and a natural feel. Whether it’s a regular touch-up or a full set for a special occasion, our eyelash extensions promise to add that extra sparkle to your everyday look. Book your session today and flutter into a world of beauty with lashes that speak volumes.

Eyelash Extension Pricing

Lash Extension Styles & Pricing

Classic Eyelash Fill
Classic Eyelash Fill (full set)
Hybrid Eyelash Fill
Hybrid Eyelash Fill (full set)
Volume Eyelash Fill
Volume Eyelash Fill (full set)

Elevate Your Eyes with Elegant Lashes

Enhance your natural beauty with our range of Eyelash Extensions, each designed to fit your unique look. From the understated charm of our Classic Fill to the dramatic flair of our Volume Set, our expertly applied extensions ensure you leave Moon Valley Med Spa feeling more confident and captivating than ever. Discover your perfect lash style with us today.

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